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A highly durable rectangular soap dish with drainage, made from a mix of a naturally occurring mineral found in sedimentary rock, and a water based resin. The minerals content give it a natural, minimalist look and feel. 


Each soap dish is made by us here at Wildmoor, individually by hand. The whelk shells scattered through the dish are a recycled by product of the whelking industry.


The ridged shape allows the soap to dry out between uses, stopping it from going squidgy and so making it last longer.

It's a good size to fit a medium to large soap bar. 

The dish has been thoroughly sealed so that water beads and runs off it, and finished with 4 rubber feet on the bottom, to stop it sliding around and to protect your bathroom surfaces.

Consistent with the materials used and the handmade nature of the dish, each one will have tiny air bubbles here and there.

Dimensions: 11.5cms x 7.5cms x 1.5cms

Jesmonite & Whelk Shell Soap Dish

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